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~~~~~~~~~~~~~CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2021~~~~~~~~

The only way we know what's happening in your area is from you.  Please let us know about Clinics, Expos, Trail Rides and any horse event you think others might be interested in attending.  If you know of an event coming up in  2021, and would like to share it with others, please let us know and we'll get the word out.

Send your event information to Linda Holzer,


In the interest of protecting NWPFHA, PFHA and our membership, your Board of Directors has passed the following Policy and Procedure.  Effective August 1, 2020.

Policies and Procedures  NWPFHA Sponsored Events

As a designated Region of the Paso Fino Horse Association, it is our responsibility to protect the Association as well as our Northwest Region.  To do that, we carry liability insurance covering each Sponsored NWPFHA event.  That liability insurance covers MEMBERS participating in such events, should they or their animals cause damage to nonmembers’ property or the property where events are being held. 

The damaged nonmember party will be covered, up to the maximum limit of our coverage and prevents them from suing each of us individually, PFHA or NWPFHA.

Our liability insurance does not cover the member should the member have an accident, or other occurrence causing harm to the member, the members’ property or the members’ animals.  This also includes damage to any other member, members’ property, etc.

We, as an association, are governed by individuals and members.  Our insurance protects all of us from lawsuits.

The wording in our policy is very clear.  ONLY MEMBERS are covered.  However, NWPFHA encourages broad participation in sponsored events, and nonmembers are welcome to participate by either paying the yearly membership dues or paying an event fee.

While we cannot control who participates in a public activity while we are having an event, competition, clinic, parade, potluck, etc., the nonmember must become a member or pay an event fee, prior to the event in order to participate.   This must be enforced for the protection of the NWPFHA and Membership.

It is our observation that other clubs require an entry fee or membership fee in order to participate in events.  We MUST do the same.

Definition of Member:  Any person(s) paying membership dues as an individual, family, or farm sponsor.  The dues must be paid for the current year in which the event is being held.  OR, any person(s) paying the event fee, in advance of participation. Fee for each event is set by NWPFHA. 

Definition of NWPFHA Sponsored Event:  Any event advertised and/or supported financially by NWPFHA.  This includes, the Annual Meeting, trail rides, camp outs, clinics, Parades, Expos or Demonstrations or shows where the NWPFHA monies, name and/or banner is used to promote the event.  All MEMBERS are invited to participate in any Sponsored NWPFHA Event.

Event Fee:  The Event fee will be set by the Board of Directors of the NWPFHA prior to all events.  The BOD has the right to set one fee for all events, or for each event individually.



~~~~~~~~~~~~UPCOMING EVENTS FOR 2021~~~~~~~~



I’m sure we’re all anxious to get 2021 off to a good start and that includes fun and safe times with our horses and friends. The NWPFHA has a long tradition of organizing a couple of camp outs each summer season for Club members.

This year Neila Whitney in Oregon has agreed to organize campouts, and I’ve
agreed to help out. For the first camp out of the year, we’re offering a camp out for Paso Fino owners and friends. This will not be a campout sponsored by NWPFHA for members and guests, but will be an opportunity for anyone with a Paso Fino and their friends to join us for camping, trail rides, and visiting.

I have booked sites with friends from my barn at Sheep Springs Horse Camp in the Deschutes National Forest for Friday, May 28 through Monday, May 31. We will be bringing five Paso Finos and a couple of Quarter Horses. We have sites 1 and 2. You can have up to two vehicles, 6 people, and 4 horses in each site. Certified weed free hay “with paperwork” is required. Pets are welcome.

This is the first weekend the campground is open, and weather could be a bit chilly. At the time that I made reservations on January 2, no other sites were booked, but the camp was pretty busy for bookings in June. The turn off to the camp is about 10 miles West of Sisters off of Highway 20. The campground is quite primitive. No electric or other hook ups. Pit toilet, but not too bad. No running water. Hand pumping only. Pumping the water is an ab buster! There is a technique to it, but still not easy. Recommend taking water containers with lids, so you can put water on a hand cart and haul back to the horse corrals. Also, bring plenty of water for a running start. Fill up those trailer tanks.

Everyone is on their own to make reservations, and there will be no specific planned activities, but we’ll try to make sure that everyone has someone to ride with, keep an eye out for safety for all, and opportunities for gathering around a fire in the evening for visiting. Please keep in mind that we may still be under state and county guidelines for limiting the number of people at gatherings and the need to follow other Covid safety guidelines, including social distancing and masks. Fortunately, all a bit easier in the Great Outdoors.

So make your camp reservations (follow the Sheep Springs Horse Camp link above), plan your camp food, tune up your Paso Finos, exercise your riding muscles, invite your friends, and get ready to ride into the New Year. Please contact us and let us know you made reservations, so we can plan to meet up with you, and let us know if you have any questions. We’ll soon be planning future summer campouts sponsored by the Club.
Contact Mary:     Contact Neila:

Smooth Trails in 2021


July 10-11 2021

The Ponderosa chapter of Back Country Horsemen (PBCH) is excited to sponsor a poker ride on Sunday, July 11, 2021 at Riverside State Park.

Please plan to join us fur a fun filled weekend on horseback.  We start on Saturday, July 10 with a free open house for the recently refurbished and upgraded equestrian obstacle course.  PBCH is anxious to show off the improvements we have made to the obstacles.  Have fun working with your horses to navigate over a dozen obstacles

Then spend the night camping, or come back, on Sunday for the poker ride.  Enjoy riding with your family and friends on a well-marked trail trying to win by creating the best, or worst, poker hand by playing games.  This is not a race and designed for families.  Kids 17 and younger ride for free and still get to participate in the game. 

We anticipate that the corona virus will still have an effect on our lives and every effort is being made to safeguard our participants and volunteers.  We will be complying with state safety requirements.

For further information please refer to or contact me at or 509-466-2225.

Ken Carmichael

Click on the links below for all the information:

Poker ride facts sheet 2021 PDF

Poker ride flyer 2021 PDF

Poker ride pre registration 2021 PDF