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Our Story:
Rocking Double H Paso Fino horses. A place where horse and rider can learn to connect, communicate, and find the path to a lifelong partnership. We at Double H have spent many years studying the mind of the Paso Fino and how the human can get the most out of the relationship. The Paso Fino is a highly intelligent animal with a high reaction response. As humans, we want that strong bond with our horse, but how do we get it when the “cowboy way” we’ve been taught, just doesn’t work? We have experience in and out of the show ring, getting the best gait possible with light collection. Let us help you become a partner with your horse, learn to ask for, not demand, a response. We are all still learning. Every horse teaches us something. Where do you want to go, what do you want to do? Come join us, everyday is a new experience.
In 2017, we decided to become involved in Paso Fino Rescue and Adoption. Our mission is to step between the owner/seller of the horse and the auction/kill pen buyer. If a horse owner places a horse for sale on Craigslist or various other sites, at a price under $500, they are asking for the wrong kind of buyer. As responsible owners, it is our duty to protect our horses from harmful circumstances. If the horse is priced “cheap” because it is very old or sick, it should be humanely euthanized, not moved on down the road to be someone else’s responsibility. The very best owners will protect their horses from “cradle to grave”; either keeping the horse for its’ full life, or knowing where the horse is and how it is being cared for, for its’ full life. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. We hope to educate the Paso Fino owner and offer an alternative to selling the horse they have had difficulty placing and are now just wanting the horse gone from their care. Good horses are easy to sell at good prices. Others, considered too quick on their feet, too sensitive or difficult, are hard to place and often end up at a price less than what they are worth for slaughter. In comes the auction buyer, often misrepresenting him or herself saying the horse will be a pasture pet or companion horse and live a good life, and offers less than the slaughter price. The horse is then taken to auction where it may be purchased for the meat price by the slaughter buyer and taken to a kill pen to await a trailer ride to Canada or Mexico and a terrible end no horse deserves. Meanwhile, if the horse is in good shape, has registration papers, and is a highly sought after breed, it will be advertised on the kill sights and held for ransom until the well meaning public puts up the money. Once the ransom is paid, the horse may or may not be fed, watered or cared for. It is to the benefit of the kill buyer to take good care of the horses he knows are going to slaughter as he is paid by the pound. However, the horse he knows the “do gooder rescue people” will fight to save, may starve, be deprived of water, live with dangerous wild horses, contract disease and not have veterinary care; the list goes on and on. Papers are often “lost” because the kill buyer has misrepresented the age or breed of the horse. So, bottom line, the horse nobody wanted to buy from the owner, the horse nobody wanted at the auction, is now worth much more than the meat/kill buyer paid and the price can go up and up depending on how many people are wanting to save the horse. They know nothing about the horse, is it safe, can it be ridden, is it healthy, is it as represented? You never know until you get there to pick up the horse you saw in a video taken 2 or 3 weeks ago. (See Valentina’s story below)
In 2017, we took in three registered Paso Finos on owner surrender. Our goal is to only take horses we can help, horses with a future as good horse citizens. These three will be ridden, retrained as needed, given lots of ground work and plenty of love and attention. When they are adopted out, they will have been trained with their new owners and be ready for their forever homes. Christie and I are Equine Reiki Masters and use Reiki healing energy on all of our horses. Animals who have endured poor living conditions, unhealthy diet, improper maintenance, poor training methods and poor handling are at the highest risk of imbalance. Reiki channels those blockages so the energy paths are open and able to freely maintain good health. We have seen amazing results with our horses.
We are not in the business of “flipping” horses. We will charge only what our expenses have been for feed, veterinary care and shoeing/trimming. Our time and training is a gift to the horse we are happy to give. Our adoption process is very thorough. We require a contract with the new owner stating the horse will not be sold, traded or given away……ever. We will ALWAYS take the horse back if things don’t work out or circumstances change for the new owner. Rocking Double H will be the co-owner on the registration papers and will remain in contact with the new owner for the life of the horse.
Every horse has a different story. How did they get to the place where the owner felt pressured to “get rid of the horse”? We often find Paso Finos are greatly misunderstood by the owner as being crazy or flighty, hard to handle, hard to catch, more go than whoa. This breed is very sensitive and unless the human understands the breed, misunderstandings often occur. This is NOT a horse for everyone! Our goal is educating the former Quarter Horse owner that comes to us because they want a smooth ride. These horses present a whole new opportunity for learning. We love teaching and are happy to give our time to those truly interested in learning.
Horses up for adoption in 2018:
Santos, registered name  Sombra de Estrella Fuego
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Angel, Peruvian Paso dam, Native American Range horse Sire
Foaling Date:  4-16-18
She’s a spit fire.  From the day of her birth, she been surprising us with her abilities to jump and run….really fast!  She’s independent and sassy and just about to be weaned.  Angel came to us before she was born in her Peruvian Paso mama.  We think she will be tall and very athletic.  If you would like to see Angel, she’s located in Hayden, Idaho.
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NALA, Angels mama
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