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Casa Dosa Gaited Freedom Saddle, 15" Suede Seat, 21 Lbs. Excellent
Condition. Used lightly to train our young horses. Very sturdy and
comfortable. Seller will split shipping cost.  $800$700   Kelly Vitorino



































Very comfortable early model Kuda Leather Saddle for sale. Endurance style, black, all leather in great condition with normal wear. Fenders are free swinging and adjust easily to accommodate both short and tall riders. Comes with stirrup turners. Wool felt underside is cut back over the spine and will not compress with usage.  Very little rock or twist and plenty of flair for the shoulders. V-rigging works best with this saddle to keep it balanced. This saddle fits wide withered horses. 

These saddles place you in close contact with your horse helping you to stay balanced with their movement. Kuda saddles are known for their fit for gaited horses. This was used on a wide withered Paso Fino.

Does not come with latigos. If you are unfamiliar with v-rigging or sometimes called center-fire rigging you can look up how to rig the saddle and tie it off.

Please call Becky Maier, 406-240-1079 or



This is an older model Ortho Flex Patriot made with a synthetic leatherlike material. Has plenty of hooks and strings for packs, English rigged. I purchased English converters and used it like a Western saddle (Does not come with saddle). Although it has a few scuffs and dings, nothing that will harm the udsbility and ridability of this saddle (pictures included). I purchased newer black booties for this saddle and will include the original brown ones I received with it. The brown ones are starting to get wear through spots on the corners.

The seat is a 16" deep seat. Very comfortable. 

Please contact Becky Maier, 406-240-1079 or

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           “WHAT KIND OF HORSE IS THAT?”

How many times have you been asked that question?  Now you can decorate your horse and show the breed at the same time!

Great for parades, breed demos and expos.  Made from Marine grade vinyl, customized to fit the back of your saddle.  35” long from center, 13 1/2” wide, with a 4” tassel at the point.  Double vinyl at the grommets, weighted ends.  Rain, mud  and snow proof, just wipe with a damp cloth.  Currently available in Paso Fino and Colombian Trote Y Galope. 


Double vinyl at grommet

Back Side, weight and 4" tassel

$95.00      includes shipping in continental US   

Assorted sizes and colors available.  Would you like to special order your business name or farm name?  We can do that with your artwork.  Other horse breeds?  We can do that with your artwork or ours.

Want to add some bling and cover the NagFlag attachment to the saddle?  Our Flower Drapes are all custom made, each a little different, with grommets to match your NagFlag grommets so they can be attached together to the saddle. 

Flower Drapes, $40.  Includes shipping when ordered with your NagFlag.

Custom colors available.

Contact:  Linda Holzer,

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.


Peruvian Show Saddle with all the Accessories - $ 650.00

Contact Tamara:

Peruvian Show Saddle Accessories


Peruvian Show Saddle saddle pad and stirrups

Peruvian Show saddle size 17

Peruvian Show Saddle Stirrups

Peruvian Show Saddle top view


8/29/15   Beautiful new or gently used tack for sale.  Contact Judi directly.  Contact information is at the bottom of the ad.

Two pair of Easy Boot Glove Outback Trail boots size .5 (approximately 00 shoe) and a size 1.5 (about a 0 shoe). $75 per pair. Buyer pays shipping!

Brown biothane headstall, with bit snaps (Kuda) $25

All items are in good to excellent condition, and have been stored in an insulated, heated tack room and have no mold! Shipping will be at buyers expense - I think most things will fit in the medium USPS box for about $13.00

Contact Judi Tolboe or 541-312-2502


SOUNDING BOARD.............................................................................$200 OBO

Board consists of eight panels, each 8' long.  Heavy-Duty construction, has been used at Oregon State Fair Show the past several years.  This board had a makeover in 2011 and is good to go.  It is VERY heavy however and is better suited to be placed and left instead of using as a "portable" board.  It fits in the back of an 8 ft truck bed with the tailgate open (because the hardward sticks out past the board).  NWPFHA is selling this board.  Any amount we receive will go into the purchase of a new board that will be easier for our members to transport and handle.  Any questions, please email Mary Schoenheit at