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Hi, My name is Abby.  I just turned 12 years old on my birthday.  It was on July 22nd.  I wanted to get a horse for my birthday, but mom and dad said they couldn't do that right now.  My birthday party is going to be the next Saturday and I can't wait.  I got a new Breyer horse for my birthday and it is my favorite one ever.
When I grow up I am going to be a vet or maybe a vet tech.  I love horses and dogs.  I plan on having horses and dogs.  Maybe a cat too, but no ferrets;  they are just too weird.  I take good care of my dogs.  They sleep with me.  

When I get a horse I won't be able to sleep with it.  I will brush it, feed it, clean up its poop and ride it some too.  I know that a horse will be a lot of work, but I still want one.  My mom said I might change my mind if I had to clean out a whole barn.  But she has been taking me to clean a barn and I still want one. Even when the barn is stinky, I think horses are great.  

Ms. Shirley is my friend and she lets me come work with her horses and clean up behind her horses.  I am glad she lets me come work with her, but I really need a horse that I can ride and become friends with.  Ms. Shirley hasn't let me ride her horses because the ponies are too small for me and her big horses don't have the right attitude for me.  She says that horses are very sensitive to their riders and I have to learn a lot more before I am ready to ride her horses. Someday I will have a horse to love.

I think horses are in my blood.  My dad says that can't be true, but my mom is pretty sure it can be.  She had horses when she was growing up and she says they never really leave you.  So I want a horse to love forever.   My mom says that is why she won't buy me a pony, I would just outgrow it too fast.  So I am hoping there is a special horse for me out there.  One that will love to be brushed and walked, and maybe I could ride it some.  


Abby's 12th Birthday

Words from Abby's mom:  One of Abby's earliest words was 'horse" and she has talked non-stop about them since.  By the age of 4 she had a pretty impressive collection of My Little Ponies and then quickly moved on to Breyer horses.  I doubt a day has gone by in the last 10 years that she hasn't asked when we could have a horse.  With that in mind we moved from Coeur d’ Alene to Rathdrum.  Our horse adventure was delayed by some health issues in our other children, but life has settled in to the point that we thought we would be looking for a horse of our own in the spring.  

However, last week a sweet friend of ours found "Pepper" online and she knew she was right for us.  I was a little reticent to buy a horse from a long distance away, but the pieces just fell into place in an amazing way that makes me think that Pepper was meant for our family.

Pepper will be arriving on Wednesday and after she has had a couple of days to settle in, we will let Abby meet her.   Abby doesn't know she is coming as waiting to meet her would be hard.  Provided that Pepper is all good, we expect to introduce the two of them on Friday.  

I grew up with Quarter horses and loved them, but I knew that wasn't going to be ideal for us and where we are as a family.  I really wanted a smaller horse that would be more efficient for feed and I wanted a horse that is more cautious of the rider.  Because of Abby's ongoing desire to not just ride, but to brush and love a horse, we needed one that would really want to be with people.  Our friend Ms. Shirley has Paso Fino's and she has sold us on the beauty and grace of this breed.  Besides Abby we have a couple of other kids with challenges that have made them very small for their age, so again I really wanted a smaller animal, yet not so small that the kids would outgrow it. 

So all around a smaller Paso seemed like the right choice for us.  Here is a link to Pepper's video that sold us on her.

Liz Gustafson, Abby’s mom


July 27, 2016

In the past couple of years we have had no youth that needed our help with funding for shows or clinics.  Our Youth Fund has been there in the past for such things and we have generously paid to support our youth.  Now, however, we have no youth members asking for support…….until now.

While this worthy young lady was not a Northwest member, since hearing her story, we are giving her a complimentary membership beginning today.  She is not in need of funds for a show or clinic, but to bring her the horse of her dreams. 

Please take a few moments to read Abby’s Bio and the short explanation by her mother Liz.  Abby is Autistic and horses are her love.  Through the passion and love of several people, the perfect horse for Abby arrived this morning in North Idaho.  Although the price for shipment was negotiated, we still have a cost of $1000 to cover bringing Pepper from Kentucky to the Northwest.  If you feel it in your heart to donate to this worthy cause, please do so.  NWPFHA will handle all the funds and distribute them accordingly. 

Our goal was $1000. Did we make it?   Keep reading.

July 29, 2016

Abby meets Luna (formerly known as Pepper)

Abby meets Luna for the first time

Friday, July 29, 2016, is a most memorable day for a very deserving young lady, Abby Gustafson.  All attending watched as a blind folded Abby was led to the horse area of Shirley’s farm.  Luna stood quietly wearing a psychedelic colored rope halter, purchased some time ago by Abby herself.  Abby was led closer and closer.  Mom said she could remove her blindfold and as she did she just stood staring at Luna and finally said “That looks like my halter” and mom said, yes it is YOUR halter and it’s on YOUR horse; Happy Birthday Abby”.

The look on her face was priceless.  She stood for a moment and then ran to Luna and hugged her neck, her back, her face and couldn’t stop smiling and hugging her new horse.  Soon Abby was on Luna’s back, being led around by mom in view of all four siblings, dad Ms. Shirley, Teri and additional friends Abby was meeting for the first time.

Abby's first rideThis is one deserving, lovely young girl, so happy she could hardly contain herself.  On the horse, off the horse, hugging, kissing, back on the horse, off and leading the horse, letting her eat grass while being hugged again and again.  It was such a delight to watch.  She was later shown her saddle, pad and bridle, all donated by generous individuals, wanting to see the realization of Abby’s lifelong dream.

Luna loves kisses!

I want to personally thank all of you that have donated and continue to donate to help this lovely family realize a dream for their young daughter.  They are more than ready and able to care for Luna, it was just the transport that was beyond their means.   A big thank you goes to D. Edmondson Horse Transportation LLC.  Dee’s home base is right here in Rathdrum Idaho and he generously reduced the cost of transport for Abby and Luna. 

Luna was found and rescued from Bastrop kill pen in Louisiana.  She was loved and rehabbed by a wonderful family and is finally ready for her new home.  Luna is quiet and sweet, just like Abby.  They will be quite a team I’m sure.

As of today, July 30, we have pledges for $475 toward our goal of $1000.  If you are able, please send us a check.  Any amount will be welcomed by Abby and her family.  NWPFHA is accepting the funds and will give one check to the family as soon as we meet our goal.  If you would prefer to use a credit card through PayPal, just send us a request with the amount you would like to donate, and we will send you an invoice.

Thank you again, the generosity being shown this family is truly appreciated by all.

Linda Holzer, President NWPFHA

Photos by Char Hemingway

August 18, 2016

We did it!!  With the support and generosity of the Northwest membership, we reached our goal of $1000 to pay the total cost of transporting Luna to Rathdrum from Kentucky.  We collected $825 from our membership and friends, $175 from NWPFHA, a saddle and pad, Bosal and Barbada, head stall, riding lessons and 10 bales of grass hay. And, of course the generosity of an $800 transportation discount from D Edmondson Horse Transportation, LLC www.edmondson-horsetransport.com

I presented a check to Liz and Abby on this bright sunny day.  They are so grateful to all of you that donated and made Abby's dream of owning her own horse come true. 

Those that donated will be receiving a thank you note from Abby with her original artwork.  What a gift she has given all of us!

Linda Holzer,  President NWPFHA

Abby and Luna say Thank You!

Do you recognize Luna?  If so, please let us know.  We would love to know her registered name and where she came from.    nwpasofinohorse@gmail.com